How to get user id, and user UUID/GUID from Keycloak?

I’m using Keycloak inside docker and hosted on

I’m using React as my client library and after login, the user goes into

This React client uses .NET Core API located at

I use keycloak.js to manage access in React panel.

Now let’s say the user wants to create a ticket. I send this ticket info to the API:

    title: 'Urgent backup',
    priority: 'urgent',
    description: 'Please backup my files immediately'

In our database, we have this design:

create table Tickets
    Id bigint not null primary identity(1, 1),
    UserGuid uniqueidentifier not null, -- How should I fill this column?
    Title nvarchar(200) not null,
    PriorityId int not null,
    Description nvarchar(max) not null

The problem is, API should extract permanent data from the user.

I can’t store email or username in that column of course. And I can’t even rely on username or email because Keycloak’s admin panel allows this setting to be configured:

enter image description here

Thus the best option is to give the user a GUID or UUID in Keycloak and retrieve it in open id token.

I searched but I can’t find how to do this.

Can you help?

I guess you can use sub claim value from the access token - it should contain Keycloak user uuid. Of course verify it first - you may have different setup.

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