How to Hide IDP buttons on Login Page

How to hide Login with google, Login with facebook buttons on Login Page from the URL.
I don’t want to hide them from keycloak admin. Want to hide this buttons from url

Why don’t you just use this switch within your IdP settings?:

image 2022-04-20 um 10.22.35

I want to hide idp buttons on mobile and show the button on Desktop.
how can i do this ?

You didn’t mention this in your origin post.

There’s no distinction between the devices, it’s the same template everywhere.
If you want a different behavior than the default one, you have to do some customization.
In this case, perhaps a custom theme for the login.ftl might be enough. Perhaps more is needed.

Okay. Customization is one way ican achieve this.
But is it possible to hide this IDP buttons by passing any parameters in URL ?