How to import All user from Azure AD


we are implemented the SSO with azure ad.
we would like to import all user

Just configure ‘User Federation’ in Keycloak
And after a successful configuration, there will be a button “Sync all users”

AFAIK you can’t configure Azure AD as a federation provider, only as external IdP (and there is no “sync”)

Why do you want to import your users to Keycloak?
You can configure Azure AD as an Identity Provider (IdP), so all your AAD users can sign in with Keycloak. No need to import all the users.


if the user is not login & we want to assign the tasks, in this scenario n we cant see or we can’t assign the tasks

Which tasks do you mean?

we are connecting keycloak with flowable BPMN

Azure AD is supporting SCIM for user provisioning. There is also a SCIM implementation for Keycloak available: GitHub - Captain-P-Goldfish/scim-for-keycloak: a third party module that extends keycloak by SCIM functionality

@mreinli Thanks for the reply
can we get detailed configuration steps