How to import all users into keycloak from ADFS

I have connected my company ADFS to keycloak and I am able to import the users into keycloak on user’s first login to my application. I want to import all the users of my company AD through ADFS at one go. please suggest how to do that.

Sorry, that’s how ADFS (well, SAML, really) works. It’s not like an LDAP integration, where you are connecting to a backend database and could query all the users. SAML is a way for one server (a Service Provider) to establish a trust with an Identity Provider. Basically, keycloak and ADFS establish some secrets between themselves. Then, when keycloak gets posted some data from ADFS saying “this is user DJCrabhat”, I can log them in as DJCrabhat.

tldr: it only works at login time