How to include username in reset password email

Hi everyone,

I have successfully altered the reset password body for my custom theme by adding a /email/messages/ file inside my theme with a passwordResetBody property in it.

I’m wondering if there is a way to include the user’s username in the reset password email they receive.

I know that the password-reset.ftl file is what generates the contents of the email.

And I know that the parameters passed in to msg() are used as positional parameters in the internationalization message passwordResetBody i.e. {0} is replaced with the value of link.

Is there a variable I could use such as username so that I could have a password-reset.ftl file in my theme that passes in an extra parameter like so?

<#ftl output_format="plainText">
${msg("passwordResetBody",link, linkExpiration, realmName, linkExpirationFormatter(linkExpiration), username)}
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Hello tylervz, you can do

${msg("passwordResetBody",link, linkExpiration, realmName, linkExpirationFormatter(linkExpiration), user.username)}

and add {4} in your

You can also get username info or email by doing this :

Email: ${}
Username: ${user.username}
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Hi @AhmedBouk thank you for the response! The {4} placeholder in my message is not getting replaced, so it looks like my custom password-reset.ftl file is not being used. For my theme that is named mytheme, I have it placed in /themes/mytheme/email/text/password-reset.ftl . Is there something that I am missing?

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Same issue I’m facing. Searched so far but didn’t find any solution. Do you get the solution for this?

Are you sure that is not html/password-reset.ftl that is missing ?
You should have both html/password-reset.ftl and text/password-reset.ftl

Hi @pjmalandrino that ended up being the issue.

I needed to have the file /themes/mytheme/email/html/password-reset.ftl in my theme as well. It has the contents:

${kcSanitize(msg("passwordResetBodyHtml",link, linkExpiration, realmName, linkExpirationFormatter(linkExpiration), user.username))?no_esc}

For any other readers who come across this thread, I got it working using Keycloak 16.1.1 .