How to logout the Okta session, when the user logout from the Application that redirects to Keycloak logout URl

I am having two Keycloak instance - One is external and Internal

Keycloak A  - Internal
Keycloak B - External

a. Keycloak A IDP is configured with Okta
b. Keycloak B IDP is configured with Keycloak A client.
c. Application connects to the Keycloak B.

For Login Flow:
When the user access the application URL, the application calls Keycloak B, the Keycloak B make request to Keycloak A and then Keycloak A connects to the Okta and returned with success.

For Logout Flow:
I am calling the below URL format, in this scenario, the user session is removed from the Keycloak B and Keycloak A but the session still valid in the Okta. Because of this my application is not logging out and on refresh it is login again.


Is there a way to achieve complete logout from Keycloak B → Keycloak A → Okta?