How to populate IDToken attributes?

I am evaluating Keycloak 12, and am not looking to integrate with a separate IDP nor User Federation at this time. I am trying to see how to use Keycloak on its own as the provider for user data for a SpringBoot application.

I am digging into the documentation for Keycloak, along with several tutorials I have found for using Java Spring to integrate with it.

I know how to get the IDToken instance from the security context and can extract information from it. What I have not been able to figure out is how to get all of the attributes into the token.

It is straightforward to edit the User record via the Keycloak admin tool to provide data for things like:

However, I have not been able to figure out how to provide data for things like:

I do know that I can create custom attributes, and provide mappers for the client, and then access those custom attributes using:

All of the web searches I have done end up talking about the other claims. However, that isn’t the data I am looking at. It is the first-class attributes on IDToken beyond the first name, last name, and email data from the out-of-the-box user details that I am trying to store and access.

Thanks in advance for help and advice!