How to rename Master realm?

I was asked to rename the Master realm to Primary realm, and as far as I understand the Keycloak realm cannot be changed once it’s created. I just wonder if it’s possible to change the Master realm during the installation of Keycloak?

In general, I’m looking into renaming the Master-Slave to Primary-Secondary.


I believe to understand why you want to do this, and i have no idea if such a change is supported.
You may want to try the admin api and perform a rename, or rename test-wise inside the database.

Now regarding the following statement I‘m not questioning the reason - i just want to scope the situation:

Generally - I hope you are aware that this „master“ realm name is never ever seen by an end-user logging in or performing an action. It’s only seen by admin users. So you can possibly even block the route /auth/realms/master in a reverse proxy before the server to ensure that it cannot be called as well.
So no end user should have a reason for a complaint, and you can put up a ticket in Jira and hope for a change in a future release.

Thanks Volker for responding to my question. Through my years of software development, I’ve seen the term master-slave being used widely in software. It’s just that the term master-slave is quite sensitive recently, and our product manager asked to see if we can avoid using the name Master.
I will consider your suggestion to block the route /auth/realms/master preventing the remote end-user from accessing it. It’s also more secure that way.


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