How to replace for login page

Hello. I’ve tried to create my own custom theme. So i want to support multilanguage, but i want to use default Java-mechanizm, that used default bundle, and overrides them by current locale to

I case, when some key is not overriden in custom-language bundle, it’s value was given from parent bundle.

I’ve tried to add to my custom theme and tried to set default value for key “loginTitleHtml”, but it still “{0}” (as default from keycloack).

Is there is way to use native version of Java messages bundles?

Best regards. Alexey

Hello ,

@avmakarov I am looking to do the same thing .
Did you find a solution ?

In your custom theme, the message properties files should be at theme/<theme-name>/login/messages/messages_<locale>.properties
I have a theme template which has the file in the correct place