How to restrict admin console to only show User-section

We have a multi-tenant solution with one master realm and a realm for each customer.

We have a User Admins who should create and manage users for realms assigned to them, i.e. Only have access to the User-section. We don’t want User Admins to access the Group-section as we preset all groups, so we don’t want anyone to mess with those.

Our User Admins don’t have roles for the master realm’s admin console.

We create a group for each customer realm with roles View User and Manage User that we assign to our User Admins.

This way our User Admins can sign in to the admin console and only browse the customers they are assigned.

When they select a customer they see a restricted admin console showing only Groups and Users section.

But this is not what we want, we want ONLY Users section to be available, so how do hide the Groups section.

Thanks in advance.

Ps, we have a themed UI as well, if that could help.