How to set different theme of the "Account management page" for each client in the same realm

Hi everyone,

In our situation, we have one Keycloak instance with a realm MyRealm. Inside MyRealm, we have 3 clients A, B, C with the related customized themes TA, TB, TC. However, it seems that we can set only one theme of the “Account management page” (http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/MyRealm/account/) for all clients in the same realm.

So could you help me to confirm my assumption? Is there any way to apply multiple themes for the “Account management page” based on the client?

Thank you very much!

Themes are per realm.

Actually, there is an exception for the login theme which can be set per client.
Additionally, I found a page that allows us to implement a customized theme selector where we can declare some logic to select the specific theme we need based on user agent, Keycloak clients…
The related document: Server Developer Guide

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I totally forgot you can specify login theme in the client.

Great find on the theme selector SPI. If you can, share what you built!

Is there any example for custom theme selector SPI as per the different clients?