How to set "saml.signing.private.key" and "saml.signing.certificate" when creating saml client from import or rest api

I’m trying to create saml client by rest api.
I exported existing saml client and using it to create client api’s body.
But, exported json contains its “saml.signing.private.key” and “saml.signing.certificate”.
I don’t want to use the same key and certificate.
I tried to erase these property and import it.
In this case, there is no “saml.signing.private.key” and “saml.signing.certificate” property when I tried to export the client.
It looks like the key and certificate are generated automatically when client is created from admin console.
Is there any way to generate key and certificate when using rest api or importing client file?

Keycloak version: 15.0.2

This was my mistake.
It was a given that when “saml.client.signature” and “saml.server.signature” are false, “saml.signing.private.key” and “saml.signing.certificate” is not output.