How to trigger keycloak.migration.action after server start

Hello All,
I am looking for a mechanism that executes keycloak.migration.action not during the servers startup but after the server has started.
Our arquillian test infrastructure first starts the server and then deploys a FederationProvider to test. This FederationProvider is, however, referenced in the realms and the server won’t import the .json if the FederationProvider doesn’t exists.

and POST a myrealm-realm.json is not an option, because we are using a customized migration.provider which reads a lot of .json files incremental to avoid overriding settings which are already imported (and possibly changed by the user).

All what I want is simply “trigger” the migration.action…

Another possibility would be to force the import of the realm. Would that be an option, how can I realize this?

Kind regards,