How to update Favicon?

Hi ,
I am looking for how to change the favicon( The browser tab icon) to desired icon.
I have created a custom theme and inside that created a new login folder as suggested in the docs.
keycloak-7.0.0/themes/customTheme/login/resources/img updated a new favicon in this path. But still the new favicon is not displaying.

I was the same doubt, but I can solve it editing the template.ftl file.
Following the documentation HTML Templates I could see that I could modify all page style and structure just coping the ftl files to my theme.

The file that has the tag <head> responsible to set the favicon is the template.tfl, then I did a copy of that file to my theme and changed the <link rel="icon" href="${url.resourcesPath}/img/favicon.ico"/> tag to use the URL of the favicon of my theme.

Bellow example of my theme directory:

`-- themes
    `-- myTheme
       `-- login
           |-- resources
           |   |-- css
           |   |   |-- login.css
           |   |   `-- styles.css
           |   `-- img
           |       |-- favicon.ico
           |       |-- img-bg.png
           |       `-- img-text.png
           |-- template.ftl

I hope that helps you.


Thanks @RodolfoDella. Appreciate your response. However I was able to resolve the issue long back. The problem in my case was with the format of the file. I was trying to use an svg file with .ico extension which was the problem. I used a png file instead and changed it’s extension to .ico and it worked like a charm.