How to upgrade without loosing current sessions?


I am currently using keycloak 4.5.0 with 2 nodes. I know sessions are stored in infinispan cache and distributed across the cluster with jgroups.

I would like to upgrade to keycloak 8.0.1 but the jgroups version in 4.5.0 and 8.0.1 are not compatible, so I have this error packet has different version (4.0.11) from ours (4.1.4) and the sessions are not replicated from one old instance to a new one.

Is there something existing to allow to upgrade keycloak without loosing currently opened sessions ?


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Hello @orgoz,

Have you found a solution not to lose the sessions during the upgrade?


Hello @jerome.marchand,

No, no solution found at this time.


Inspired by
I tried an implementation with Keycloak :

I don’t have time to continue, but I think it could be the solution.