How to use keycloak for my flow - social login with internal tokens?

I am trying to migrate from the old spring libraries which are now deprecated and new to keycloak. I have a specific workflow and would like to know how to achieve it with keycloak, since I can’t find my specific use case in the documentation.

The flow I’m looking for is:

  1. My public webapp or my native mobile app has a social login. My webapp/mobile-app will make the connection to the social provider and will get the authorization code it self
  2. I then want to send the authorization code to keycloak, where users will be logged in (+registered for the first time).
  3. I want keycloak to then return a token for me. That token is my platform token, and can be used by my other micro-services without having to contact any other service, just by looking at the token.

I tried to look at the social provider flow, but I’m still not sure how to do it. What am I looking for specifically in keycloak then?

I am also looking for the same flow, let me know if you got any progress on your development. Help me on this.