"HTTP error - 411 Length Required" when using kcadm,sh

I have to modify a bunch of users to give then a group and an attribute. I am creating a script to doir using the CLI.
Something like…


USERS="xxx@yyy.com xxx+1@yyy.com xxx+3@yyy.com xxx+test@yyy.com"

./kcadm.sh config credentials --server https://$KC_URL/auth --realm master --user $ADMINUSER --password $ADMIN_PASS

GROUP_ID=$(./kcadm.sh get groups -r $REALM |jq -c '.[] |select (.name == "GROUP_XXX")'|jq -r '.id')
echo "Actualizaciones para el grupo $GROUP_ID"

for USER in $USERS; do
        echo $USER
        USER_ID=$(./kcadm.sh get users -r $REALM -q username=$USER |jq -r -c '.[].id')
        echo "Updating $USER_ID"
        ./kcadm.sh update users/$USER_ID/groups/$GROUP_ID -r $REALM -n
        ROLES_AFTER=$(./kcadm.sh get-roles -r $REALM --uusername $USER --effective --fields name)
        echo "Updated Roles: $ROLES_AFTER"
        echo "Updating sponsor"
        ./kcadm.sh update users/$USER_ID -r $REALM -s 'attributes.sponsor=XXX'

The problem is every command I use with a “-s” parameter returns an error:
“HTTP error - 411 Length Required”

./kcadm.sh update users/UUID/attributes -s “attributes.sponsor=XXX” -r $REALM -n
HTTP error - 411 Length Required

./kcadm.sh update users/UUID/attributes -s “requiredActions=[“VERIFY_EMAIL”]” -r $REALM -n
HTTP error - 411 Length Required

From the docs:
kcadm.sh update users/b544f379-5fc4-49e5-8a8d-5cfb71f46f53/groups/ce01117a-7426-4670-a29a-5c118056fe20 -r demorealm -s realm=demorealm -s userId=b544f379-5fc4-49e5-8a8d-5cfb71f46f53 -s groupId=ce01117a-7426-4670-a29a-5c118056fe20 -n

If I do this it returns the error, but if I do it like this:
./kcadm.sh update users/$USER_ID/groups/$GROUP_ID -r $REALM -n
It works.

I am using KC 14.0.0
I have tested it with a 12.0.4 and the problem does not happen there.

Any idea?

Anyone? Any idea?
Has anybody suffered from the same problem or am I the only one?