HTTP in admin console urls instead of HTTPS

Hi All,

I installed Keycloak using helm chart and created admin user using localhost UI. Now, when i try to load the auth/admin/master/console/ it fails (the page is blank) because all the URL’s are created using HTTP not HTTPS and I don’t even have the port 80 open. Looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
        var authServerUrl = '';
        var authUrl = '';
        var consoleBaseUrl = '/auth/admin/master/console/';
        var resourceUrl = '/auth/resources/k36of/admin/keycloak';
        var masterRealm = 'master';
        var resourceVersion = 'k36of';

How to make sure Keycloak uses https everywhere?

UPDATE: added env variable KEYCLOAK_FRONTEND_URL with value and all good now.