I look for Keycloak 1.9.1 Final distribution - can you help?

Hi everyone, I would be really grateful if someone could send me distribution version of Keycloak 1.9.1 Final. It is not available on keycloak.org site. It is not available anywhere but I need it. I have reinstalled API from 2016 which used that distribution and is not working with the oldest available officially now (4.8.3 Final).

Do you have it on your storage?

Best regards


you can build this yourself by checking out the correct tag in the Github repo and build it.


Just a note that this distribution is very old and contains probably
some security issues, which are already public right now. If it is
possible, I rather suggest to make your stuff working with the latest
Keycloak release. I understand that it may be more work for you, but
might worth to do it.