I want to have an invite based Social Sign Login

I am very new to KeyCloak, so sorry if this feels a dumb question.
I have this use-case, I invite user to do a sign up on the system, invited user comes and does a social sign up. I do not want to have any kind of self sign up or password based login.
Can this be done in KeyCloak, if yes then how to this.


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Keycloak does not support this by default. It is possible to do what you want by building custom extensions. If you are comfortable with that, I would recommend:

  1. Add a custom resource that creates and sends the invitation as an action token
    a. docs for building rest endpoints Server Developer Guide
    b. docs for building action tokens and handlers Server Developer Guide
  2. Add a custom Authenticator that only allows social logins from users who have been invited
    a. docs for authenticators Server Developer Guide

None of these things is trivial, although there are people who can help you here if you dive into it and have questions.

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