Infinispan errors upgrading from keycloak 11.x to 12.x

been watching this:

cross-posting since i’ve seen multiple reports w/o ideas. interesting, i saw similar behavior when upgrading from 11.x to 12.x, but not with 11.x nodes running…simply starting a new 12.x instances with 11.x database. schema migration appears to work fine but infinispan errors follow and instances keep restarting. 12.x on fresh database is fine.

anyone identified a fix for this behavior?


thanks for the response. i am indeed waiting for X…to see how much effort the refactor is going to be!

in my case it is new behavior. i was able to use the same upgrade method i’m using now to successfully move from 4.x-11.x. it is not 0-downtime in my case, but fully stopping older instances, and starting new instances which run the liquibase migration.

i might be conflating two issues, but the errors i saw when trying to startup after migrating a 11.x database to 12.x were similar to the infinispan issues in the groups thread so it caught my eye.

just to confirm, have folks successfully upgraded 11.x to 12.x (with data migration, not just a fresh install)? fresh installation works fine, but the same config generates infinispan errors after data migration. i dug a bit and didn’t find any good answers so just rolled back for now.


I did an upgrade from v11 to v12, but stopped all v11 instances gracefully before, then started first node again with v12.
No problems, everything worked fine.