Inform client app of first broker login

Hi all,

For our application, we are using a 3rd party Identity Provider for authenticating our users and want to disable the default profile review in Keycloak. In it’s place, we’re hoping to have the user redirect back to our application and complete their profile only on their first time visiting our site.

We only offer a sign-in button for the users, who will register with the Identity Provider (if necessary), so we can’t specify a different redirect url in advance. I was hoping to update the “First Broker Login” flow to handle the redirect or pass some sort of information to the client app, but have not found a viable way to do this. We can likely handle this is a bespoke manner, but I was hoping there would be an easy way to handle this within Keycloak.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can accomplish this?


Did you find any solution for this? I have the exact same request and didnt find any suitable solution.