Initial Setup- Phone, reCaptcha, Default user group

Help me on below queries related to enabling keycloak in my site. Am bit new in keycloak ,

  1. How to enable phone number in registration & account screen
    (I can see phone number in client scope, but no idea how to enable it and display in registration and account screen)

  2. How to add user into specific group & role immediately once he registered

  3. How to move the user into another specific group & role from springboot api through restapi

  4. In Account screen I need to display only account and password menu

  5. In my case email is treated as user name, so how to disable updating email in account screen

  6. How to enable google recaptcha on login and registration screen, I am getting error when I enabled it.

  7. I want the user to select country in registration screen, but only specific countries.

  8. Any way to allow user access from some specific list of countries