Install keycloak on server without GUI

I am trying to install keycloak on a server (ubuntu) without GUI.
When launching like describe in a documentation :

sudo bin/ start-dev

The server works if I try connecting with the http://192.168.0.XX:8080
but on first page (like in documentation) it say to conenct to :

or use the add-user-keycloak script.

As I do not have the possibility to launch a firefoxe on the ubuntu, I was looking another way.
I say “use the add-user-keycloak script” but I did not see any script like this in the 17.0.1 version I have download

Any possibility to configure admin user without installing GUI on my ubuntu server ?

Many thanks

I found a solution.
I have configure a ssh tunnel between my client and the server.
It works.
I was able to configure the admin user and password.

PS : how do we says the post is resoved?