Integrate keycloak with remote infinispan server


We have an infinispan server running on a remote server and i am trying to configure keycloak to use the remote-store through ssl. I am not able to get the configuration correct. i have this in the standalone-ha.xml

true org.keycloak.cluster.infinispan.KeycloakHotRodMarshallerFactory

and adding this to the standalone-ha.xml doesnot seems to work.

              <encryption protocol="TLSv1.2" sni-hostname="*">
                 <keystore filename="keystore.jks" password="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" type="JKS"/>
                 <truststore filename="truststore.jks" password="xxxxxxxxxxxx" type="JKS"/>

I am using Infinispan 9.4.17 and keycloak 6.0.1. Any help is appreciated.


I would also love to know the answer on this question.

For legacy reasons, I would like Keycloak to talk to a standalone inifispan service and talk to it using network.

@Kannan: were you able to do that? What was your XML configuration file? Appreciate any tips.

This is the direct keycloak X is also planning to take!