Introspect returning active=false for valid token

I have a valid token that I got from a login to my frontend public client that is returning:
for a call to the introspect token endpoint.

However when I mock the same call on postman, it returns a valid token but it has switched the client_id to frontend even though I specify client_id = backend in the request.
“exp”: 1604622875,
“iat”: 1604622575,
“jti”: “50dd28ed-5644-4a37-9c65-15fce493d924”,
“iss”: “http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/mobius-dev”,
“aud”: “account”,
“sub”: “3a3b5f94-6a20-4634-8fb4-c60e3a8f8121”,
“typ”: “Bearer”,
“azp”: “frontend”,
“session_state”: “bfb62e16-7c2e-44d0-a423-122bae1fa952”,
“name”: “NAME”,
“given_name”: “NAME”,
“family_name”: “NAME”,
“preferred_username”: “EMAIL”,
“email”: “EMAIL”,
“email_verified”: true,
“acr”: “1”,
“allowed-origins”: [
“realm_access”: {
“roles”: [
“resource_access”: {
“account”: {
“roles”: [
“scope”: “openid email profile”,
“client_id”: “frontend”,
“username”: “EMAIL”,
“active”: true

I have checked for timezone differences but all are on UTC. Could this be an issue with one client but not the other? And why do they switch in the postman request?


Hi, I have the same problem. Any answer?