Is it a cache issue?

We have 3 nodes of keycloak with HA mode.

When restarting, the error logs occurs.
I don’t know if it is a keycloak issue or infinispan. Help wanted.
I also raised a ticket.

Here is the stack trace:

ISPN000136: Error executing command PutMapCommand on Cache 'offlineSessions', writing keys [6d143262-dfb2-4f9d-855e-aec51770524c]

java.lang.ClassCastException: class org.infinispan.container.entries.NullCacheEntry cannot be cast to class org.infinispan.container.entries.MVCCEntry (org.infinispan.container.entries.NullCacheEntry and org.infinispan.container.entries.MVCCEntry are in unnamed module of loader 'org.inf...@11.0.9.Final' @164e0032) at