Is it possible to disable TLS when using SSL termination in reverse proxy?


I have a Keycloak 17 (Quarkus) behind reverse proxy. Reverse proxy handles SSL termination. That is I forward requests from reverse proxy to port 8080. It works fine with “start-dev” mode.

As far as I understand from the documentation this is perfectly “acceptable” scenario. But why am I “forced” to configure TLS, even if I am not using it (when using “start” mode):

2022-03-09 10:25:18,092 ERROR [org.keycloak.quarkus.runtime.cli.ExecutionExceptionHandler] (main) ERROR: Failed to start server in (production) mode
2022-03-09 10:25:18,092 ERROR [org.keycloak.quarkus.runtime.cli.ExecutionExceptionHandler] (main) ERROR: Key material not provided to setup HTTPS. Please configure your keys/certificates or start the server in development mode.

Ok, apparently as was using passthrough instead of edge in proxy configuration. It works fine now!