Is it possible to show a custom message on the login form?

Hi, I would like to show a custom message on the login form. At the moment I just altered the theme, but this is not very maintenance friendly. Also this approach does not support multiple locales.

So my question is: Is there a way to show a custom message in the login screen? Preferably some field inside the admin console that’s configurable per locale.

Yes. Use ${msg("{key}")} in your theme .ftl templates, and then the message can be edited in your theme message properties file(s) in messages/messages_{locale}.properties.

For example, you might have the message ${msg("foo")} in your login.ftl and then you could put foo=bar in your theme’s messages/ file.

Thank you for your suggestion! However, wouldn’t this still mean I would still have to update and upload my theme every time I want to change a message?

Yes. There is not an alternative built in to Keycloak for doing this at runtime.

Thank you, that’s clear.