Is it possible to sync user passwords with another login system?

I am using Keycloak to log in to Odoo ERP and a bunch of other systems our business uses. So far so good. I added Keycloak as a custom Oauth provider to Odoo and on the login page, it shows email, password, and then underneath “Log in with Keycloak”.

However, Odoo also has a mobile app and you cannot show the Oauth button there - not for Google, FB, or custom Oauth.

The Odoo app login only shows:

  • server URL
  • email
  • password

This is not customizeable as that part of the app is not open source.

You can see from the reviews here I am not the first person to encounter this problem. Unfortunately, reading several Odoo Github issues, it seems they are not interested in fixing this.

As a result, I am wondering if it is possible to sync Keycloak user passwords with Odoo passwords. Is this possible from the Keycloak side? Or should I look for alternative solutions instead?