Is there a way to activate login events from cli?

I am trying to activate the login events and to select just a few of them from CLI. Currently in the documentation ( is written how to do that just from hand.
Do you know what are the steps to do this from the jboss-cli?


Sure. You use which allows you to log in and read/write all configuration nodes.

But can I do this before I start the server? and would you mind to right the command too? thanks!

The Server Admin CLI is documented here:

I understand you want to use this to configure the server directly after the setup process, correct?
I would say… start the server and then run the kcadmin script. The server would start as usual and the configuration is then applied and stored in the database as usual.
Another approach would be to create the database beforehand and fill in the required items to get the server secured as you need it.

Sorry, but I don’t like the approach, because for that you have to work with user and password and creates an overhead to secure this too. I would expect to have some settings in the jboss console to set that from the start.
The solution with the database is what we have right now, but I would like to have this setting independently from that.
In meanwhile I will try to find another solution or someone could share it here - if they have one.
Thanks for your answer.

Hi @edwint88, i just saw on the add-on keycloak-config-cli - it may have what you look for.