Is there any guide or documentation about creating a custom Identity Provider?


I have to create a custom OAuth2 based Identity Provider for Keycloak.

I have located the classes that I should extend (AbstractOAuth2IdentityProvider) and the relevant code in keycloak gihub repo, as well as some providers developed by third parties in Keycloak - Extensions . I have also found some clues about deploying my provider on my keycloak operator instance (Server Installation and Configuration Guide) .

Is there any guide or documentation on how to setup and bootstrap a proper project for building my provider? Should I just start by hacking an existing one from extensions page?

Any suggestions ore recommendations would be highly appreciated.

I just did a sample project for someone else here on how to build an OAuth2 IdP:

Let me know what provider you’re building it for, and I can give you more information on how to set it up.

Thank you for your help. My providers extension 1st release is ready :grinning: : GitHub - cti-nts/keycloak-gsis-providers: This Keycloak plug-in adds production and testing identity providers for using Greek Public Administration OAuth 2 Services. .

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