Is there REST API method to get id_token using by access_token

Is it possible to get its id_token using by access_token? I am using a third party app. It doesn’t save id_token while exchanging authorization code to tokens. I have access only to access_token. I would like to call some rest method to receive id_token

AFAIK there is not endpoint to get an ID token only. This is issued together with the access_token.

But if you only have the access_token, you can make a request to the /userinfo endpoint to get the identity-/profile-data of the user.

I am sorry, but I cannot catch how /userInfo can be help me. There is an approach to add id_token to /userInfo? By default /userInfo returns me only next

“sub”: “408c8890-4027-481e-a410-6ab03baf01d1”,
“email_verified”: false,
“name”: “”,
“preferred_username”: “78ccf399-72ad-4bba-b09b-9c6e2ab182b1”,
“given_name”: “”,
“family_name”: “”

/userinfo won’t give you the ID token. As I mentioned, the ID token is only issued when also issueing an access_token.
But the /userinfo endpoint can give you the same identity-/profile-data of the user as the ID token can (perhaps you have to configure a little bit).

I don’t know your exactly requirements. If you need profile data of the user, the userinfo endpoint can help you. If you need the ID token, you have to catch it from the response from the auth code exchange.

Unfortunately I need id_token for logout user to fill id_token_hint query parameter. Thanks dasniko for help