Issue with Keycloack.js 's logout method causing a cancelled request in Chrome


I am trying to logout from Keycloak from a SPA angular application. I noticed that when I call Keycloak.js 's logout method from my SPA, I get a cancelled request as seen in the screen capture.

Chrome also says:

Provisional headers are shown

However, when I copy and paste the logout URL manually into a separate Chrome tab, then the logout is performed correctly.

What I am getting wrong?

I finally managed to find out why the request was canceled by chrome.

I had the following link:

<a href="" (click)="logout()">logout from private</a>

My angular (click)=" event was canceled by the href="" event.

By replacing the code above with this:

<a (click)="logout()">logout from private</a>

…the request is no longer canceled.