Javascript API does not return effective attrs and roles?

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask…

I have published a longer version of this question in stackoverflow
oauth - Keycloak JavaScript APIs do not provide effective roles and attributes from groups - Stack Overflow
and this in googlegroups
javascript API does not return effective attrs and roles? (

Basically, I have found that when writing a JavaScript policy, the APIs do not return effective role and attributes, but only user-defined ones. Any attribute or role set by using groups is not returned.

Is this normal or is it a bug?

It runs contrary to documentation, and makes these policies unusable. :-/

Because this is what I see in many message out there, I should add that I have no problem mapping roles, attributes or even groups, or building policies upon them.

Thanks for any input,

PS : my next step will be Jira, I guess.

Bug in Keycloak Jira is here: [KEYCLOAK-19698] Keycloak Javascript API used for policies does not get group-based roles and attrs - Red Hat Issue Tracker