Keycloak 16 Release date, any updates?

Keycloak 16 seems to be an important stepping stone for keyclok X project, but seems keycloak 16 release is getting delayed a bit.

Any idea when it is expected to be available?

Yes, an update from the team would be great. we’re waiting on some of the fixes to be able to field one of our environments.
The last blog post from the team said that 16 would be released ASAP after October 28th and we’d be seeing release 17 this month.

Would be great to understand if there is an update or a reason for the delay where we could help as the community.

There are no release dates which are carved in stone, no other promises. New releases are published when they are ready.
AFAIK there are currently some issues with the upstream Wildfly project, on which Keycloak depends on. So, nothing where we as a community can help.
I‘m sure, the team doesn‘t do this to annoy us, I think they are also kind of annoyed. Hopefully it will become better with Quarkus as the architectural base.

I 100% agree. Not trying to poke eyes, but just a quick, “Hey we know, we’re waiting on X which you can track here” Would be great for the community.