Keycloak 17 "use the add-user-keycloak script" is missing

Setup a new server with Keycloak 17 and got it up and running however at the web page I see “Open http://localhost:8080/auth or use the add-user-keycloak script.” and looking into /opt/keycloak/bin/ I do not see that script nor anywhere on the server.

I looked in the new documentation and I do not see any reference for how to handle the initial admin account setup other than with localhost which I am running Ubuntu server so I have no GUI/browser to do that.

Am I missing something here?

Keycloak 17 switched to Quarkus. The script named has been deprecated. If you want to create the first admin account remotely, check Server Administration Guide (

Yeah I saw that, however I wasn’t sure about it since after it’s installed the webpage still references in version 17.


Thanks for the link, I tried setting the following environment variables however it still does not work.
I have this setup for Production using SSL, does this have to be done in dev mode first than converted to production?


So I got it to work, not a big enough Linux user to explain why but this only worked as the root user not with sudo.

Also found another spot referencing the old information this time in the documentation: Server Administration Guide

Step 2 still references the add-user script:

“Enter the username and password you created on the Welcome Page or the add-user-keycloak script in the bin directory. This action displays the Admin Console.”

Someone on Github posted that it’s also possible to do this:
export KEYCLOAK_ADMIN=admin_username
export KEYCLOAK_ADMIN_PASSWORD=admin_password
sudo -E bin/ start