Keycloak 405 Method not allowed

Dear Team, I am looking to find a solution to this from a week I am getting lost.

I created a keycloak server and I hooked up a nodejs admin client. When I try to make a DELETE call from nodejs it returns 405 method not allowed.

I am currently having 2 realms, 1 master and 1 dev, I am trying to make the DELETE call with the user admin from master to the dev.
I also tried to use a admin from dev to make this calls but nothing

My question is simple, are there any configuration that prevent the method DELETE on resources?

I am trying to delete a mapper from a client Scope, on the console this works well so really not sure what this is. I added already weborigin and I added to the admin user any role possible, really don’t know what to do
that’s my stack overflow question:

I have resolved this issue, The issue was that I was trying to use the name instead of the id of the resource I was pinging