Keycloak adapters deprecation

Within the Keycloak documentation, I found this info

I’m wondering, what exactly will be deprecated?
Which libraries?
If I’m not wrong (and I think I’m not the only one who noticed it) in Keycloak (different libs) you can find some “adapters” packages.
A statement that “adapters” will be deprecated is not precise enoguh.
In the official Keycloak documentation for v17, there is a description of how to integrate Java (Spring Boot) application with Keycloak, and one of the things described there, is how to use Keycloak adapters (?!)
In our APP we’re using more or less the same approach as described here Securing Applications and Services Guide with the addition of a custom KeycloakDeployment resolver.

To sum up:

  1. What exactly will be deprecated?
  2. Which libraries?
  3. How to implement the changes with those things that are going to be removed?
  4. In which version they are going to be removed?

Thanks in advance

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