Keycloak-admin-client in 1.x environment

I am working on integrating the keycloak-admin-client in my app. My (java 8) application depends upon Jersey 1.x (uses which conflicts with the transitive dependency introduced by RestEasy in keycloak-admin-client. Is there any way to get this to work other than upgrading to Jersey 2.x? I have also tried setting up exclusions for the conflicting transitive dependencies, however this does not work.

Hi, I had a similar problem and unfortunately did not find an simple solution. So I started with the implementation of a jersey-based keykloak-admin-client. You can find it here: GitHub - daniel-schel/keycloak-admin-client-jersey: Jersey based client implementation of the keycloak administration API.

Hi daniel,
Iam in the same situation where I need to have a keycloak client with jersey implementation instead of resteasy, because iam using payara.
I saw in your implementation that you didn’t implement the resources , and put unsuoportedoperationException.
I want to know if you have a new version of the client, or if you found a solution to this problem, any update would be useful,
thanks for your efforts

Hi Amar (@dempile), there is no technical reason that the resources are not implented. I haven’t implented it all yet due to time constraints. Best you create an issue on github for the needed methods. Then I’ll implent them in a timely manner, you can of course push a pull request at any time.