Keycloak Admin Console - Unable to update email if longer than 73 characters

Hi all,

I’ve come across an odd scenario and wanted to know if others have any input or are able to replicate this issue.

I am using Keycloak v15.0.2 and storing users in a postgres database and am using email as username via the realm settings.

I have found that if I update a user’s email address via the admin console, if it is under or equal to 73 characters, it will update as expected and all is well. If the email is longer than 73 characters, it displays an error stating: " Error! Missing or invalid field(s). Please verify the fields in red." (screenshot attached for example). This occurs regardless of the realm or the user account I am attempting to update.

This isn’t necessarily a huge issue, as I confirmed I am able to update the account to an email with 74+ characters via the account management page and was also able to update it using the admin REST API, but was curious if anyone else has experienced this issue or if there is a known solution for this.

I do have User Profiles enabled but confirmed I receive the same error whether I have it enabled or disabled and verified that none of the validation for username/email would cause this to occur (currently have email/username set to a 100 character max). I also do not have any custom SPI’s that would interfere with regular admin console functionality. If I can provide any additional information please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, I can confirm this behavior, although it’s 76 characters which work here, and 77 no more. Seems to be something in the angular code.