Keycloak + Angular + SpringBoot - different redirect urls for login and registration


I am developing a meal planner app. I am using Angular 10 (Front end) + SpringBoot 2.0 (Back end) + OAuth2 with Keycloak (as Authentication Server).

When the user signs up, he provides the below information:

  1. sign up info - email + username + password
  2. application specific info - preferred diet type, nutritional requirements

My questions:

  1. The nutritional requirements is a map with about 15 entries. So I would prefer to store sign up info in Keycloak server and application specific info in the application DB (My SQL) - Is this approach advisable?

  2. After Keycloak signup, I want the redirect uri to be an intermediary page as shown below:

How do I give 2 different redirect uri for the same client?