Keycloak + Another Identity Provider Integration

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and also new to keycloak. As a project assignment, I have been asked to implement two web applications, one protected by keycloak and another protected by another identity provider (let’s call it XIP)! , and expectation is that both applications should seamlessly participate in SSO for a user registered in both providers.

XIP has a web service call, where if I provide Saml Auth response message generated by Keycloak, then it can return me a XIP session cookie that can be used for authentication for apps protected by XIP.

Now, I Am trying to implement an extension that can call web service of XIP, and get this session cookie.

But, my problem is on keycloak side, where once we have this cookie from XIP, in keycloak extension, how can we sent it to browser/Application protected by keycloak.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi All,

Any help is appreciated.
The question is how can I deliver XIP cookie from this custom extension to Client browser.

Thank You.