Keycloak authentication proxy

Hello guys, I am looking for a proxy that can proxy all my authentication requests to Keycloak. With this proxy, my services don’t need to include any keycloak adapters or code, maybe just send a login rest request to this proxy.

If this kind of proxy doesn’t exist, I will try to implement one.
Another question is that I prefer using golang, but it seems there is no official keycloak client written in golang. And IIUC the Gatekeeper that is mentioned in the docs seems not a library.

Can anyone give me some advice?

Probably oauth2 / OIDC is what you are looking for. It is supported by keycloak and you can use it in a client without any of the keycloak libs. The protocol is an open standard, it’s all based on http calls, not keycloak specific. You will however need knowledge, some URLs, the correct order of subsequent calls (and a preshared secret) to initialize and progress the authentication flow. There seems to be a oidc lib for go:

Maybe that hepls

Thanks for the reply!