Keycloak behind Nginx reverse proxy

My keycloak server was working fine however we needed to integrate with Mini Orange OPENID plugin for integration into facebook.
I have installed natively onUbuntu 18 and we have 8000 users.
the integration required the server having an FQDN so we enabled an Nginx reverse proxy which is going like a trip to hell and not back.
I am unable to post the nginx conf file as I’m a new user but assume this is more to do with keycloak its self, however any directions would be useful on this topic

I can access the server from both urls on the master domain.
I’'m not sure what to actually do here.
I have key@key:/opt/keycloak$ cat version.txt
Keycloak - Version 13.0.1
if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be really very helpful.
The server is on VMware vSphere. open-vmware-utilities is active.
the FQDN is valid locally and globally