Keycloak / ClassLink integration

In case someone ever needs that, I managed to set up ClassLink (OpenID Connect) identity provider for ClassLink (latest major version).

Contact me if you need the settings (they are quite simple, just don’t try to use parameters suggested by ClassLink app, they might be misleading).

Greetings, I will be setting up classlink with keycloak soon. I will appreciate any pointers, settings. Thanks!

@stayen Can you please post here so that all can benefit? Thanks!

Sure thing. The provider type: OIDC
Settings for Keycloak 13.0.1:

First Login Flow: first broker login
Sync mode: import
Authorization URL:
Pass login hint: ON
Token URL:
Logout URL:
Client Authentication: client secret sent as post
Client ID/Client Secret: as provided in ClassLink app settings
Prompt: unspecified
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Thanks for providing the information.

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