Keycloak CORS issue from BigIP F5 APM


My application is load balanced on BigIP F5 and authentication by Keycloak. I have created BigIP F5 VIP as client in keycloak with web origin as *. I am able to successfully authenticate users and logout too when accessed in single tab but with multi tab i am facing CORS issues.

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  • User logs into application in one tab(tab1). After successful login opens another tab(tab2), user logs out from the application from tab2.

  • Then user tries to continue accessing app from tab1, CORS issue on Preflight request to keycloak is observed.

  • Setup : User —> Application(client) —> BigIP Apm —> Keycloak

  • weborigin url for BigIP Apm client in keycloak as *

Could you please help me fix this scenario