Keycloak Domain mode always show access to localhost in admin console

Hi all,

I have configured keycloak in domain mode, this is the steps I have followed:
1.- Configure domain.xml and host-master.xml with my IP configuration; all ports listening to private address
2.- COnfigure apache as proxy to internal port
3.- Configure domain.xml to use proxy
4.- Create the admin user with script with the --domain parameter (this creates the file keycloak-add-user.json at /opt/keyclock/domain/configuration
5.- I start the keycloak server via script
6.- I start the apache2 server

When I connecto to it shows the /auth page, but it always shows the “You need local access to create the initial admin user. Open http://localhost:8080/auth or use the script.”

The admin user is configured via that script, what am i missing?

Thanks in advanced!!! create one user with it

I already created the user with that script, as you can see in step 4 of my question. Even with the admin user created Keycloak keeps saying to access local server to create the admin user.

follow this and let me know

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Great, I had to copy the generated keycloak-add-user.json file from the domain controller to /{HOME_OF_KEYCLOAK}/domain/servers/{SERVER}/configuration/ directory of each slave node.

Thanks a lot.

are you performing clustering?

Yes, I’m trying to deploy Keycloak in a domain clustered environment, but I’m finding difficulties to do so like use of built-in load balancer, centrally managed configuraitons, etc.

I’m unable to find a good step-by-step tutorial to do this…

same I am also stuck from a long time …there not much references