Keycloak enforce didn't work

Hi all. I wanna add Role-Based Validation to my endpoints. I’ve done the next steps:

  1. Make client confidential access type;
  2. In policies added admin policy where admin role is required;
  3. In Auth Scopes added admin scope;
  4. Added permission to scope with linking to admin policy;
  5. Added resource with endpoint URI and admin permission.
    I wanna add validation to endpoint in nodejs via scope or resource, but via examples, it didn’t work and always I’ve got Access denied message.
    I’ve tried to add endpoint with
    app.get('/testAdminPermission', keycloak.protect(), keycloak.enforcer(['resource:adminScope']), (req, res) => { res.render('index', { result: `It works Admin! ${}`, }); });
    How I can use correctly this validation?