Keycloak fails to connect to MSSQL database after some time

Hi, All!
I’m using mssql as a datasource for keycloak, and I use active directory login to access ths datasource. Auth protocol is kerberos.

When I start keycloak, it authenticates successfully, I see sessions on mssql side, I see requests coming.
But after some time (it varies greatly, sometimes couple of hours, sometimes - days) I see failed login attempts in application, which uses keycloak. And I see the log messages in keycloak, which say “kerberos ticket expired”:

            "exceptionType": "",
            "message": "Ticket expired (32)",

			"causedBy": {
              "exception": {
                "refId": 5,
                "exceptionType": "",
                "message": "Identifier doesn't match expected value (906)".

I made a ticket lifetime on KDC side as small as possible (10 minutes), but this does not directly correlate with the issue - it may start appearing after hours or days. Definitely not minutes.

Which makes me conclude, that after some time keycloak tries to obtain a new session ticket with already expired TGT ticket.
I would expect him to first obtain a new ticket - but keycloak doesn’t do that.

Has anybody observed this behavior? What troubleshooting steps would you advise to understand, what triggers such requests?

Hi Getallad,
First of all, I’m sorry this is not a solution to your question and seeking your advice. I found you have connected to a MS SQL server through Kerberos. I also have the same requirement and didn’t able to find a way to do it. Will you be able to support me on this?
Thanks in advance.